Cover Letter Tips

Most job seekers, esp. young graduates are using a cover letter (“A letter of self recommendation” literally in Chinese) to grab an employer's attention and make them stand out. Here are some most common tips on how to write an effective cover letter to apply for a job.


Take the time to write a targeted cover letter for each employer. This means customizing each cover letter you write, so it specifically relates your skills to the job you are applying for. You’d better address the letter to the interviewee. Spend some time studying the interviewee, the position, the company and the industry.


The sentences should be to the point, convincing and natural. Avoid clichés and meaningless or wordy expressions.


Refer to the qualifications for the position and illustrate how your abilities are relevant. Communicate clearly your interest, motivation, and strengths.


Be active and confident. Make sure that you are not exaggerating your qualifications. In China, most employers value appropriate humbleness. Politeness is extremely important.